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   Company Name: PADINS (M) SDN. BHD.  
  Company Profile    
  Registration No: 319126-T  
  MOF No.: 357-00048590  
  Business Category: Packaging, Food and Beverage, Health,Beauty and Medical, Office and Home Supplies,  
  Country: MALAYSIA  
  Industry: Others  
  Contact Info    
  Address : PT 166 KETEREH, BANDAR KETEREH, KOTA BHARU,, 16450 Kota Bharu  
  Postcode: 16450  
  City: KOTA BHARU  
  State: KELANTAN  
  Website: N/A  
  Facebook: N/A  
  Twitter: N/A  
  Youtube: N/A  
  Person Incharge    
  Title: N/A  
  Name: azineeta yazib  
  Designation: N/A  
  Tel/Mobile: 097882387  
  Fax: 6  

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