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Category : Communication and Media
Catalogue Name : Analog Communication Trainers [CL317168]
Catalogue Type : Product
Price (RM) 3,850.00/Unit
Posted Date 21/09/2011 11:06
Last Update
Product Description
Model : TC-3000
MOF Category Code : 040200
Description : Features 1. Design and implementation of second order active filters and RF oscillators. 2. Design and implementation of AM and FM modulator and demodulator. 3. Design and implementation of DSB/SC and SSB modulator and demodulator. 4. Design and implementation of TDM and FDM multiplexer and demultiplexer. 5. Design and implementation of frequency converter and signal recovery circuits. Objectives 1. To understand the basic theory of analog communication system. 2. Design and implementation ability training of analog modulator and demodulator. 3. To understand the applications of analog modulator and demodulator.
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